Monthly Archives: August 2013

Where I Sleep….


….usually turns out to be in the bed that is currently unoccupied.   This has been happening a lot since the end of the summer when it was decided, and rightly so, that the kids should be sleeping full-time in their own beds.

Ever since I moved here I’ve shared a bed with my granddaughter.  This was OK, and held opportunities for some special little nighttime chats and what have you. Then she ended up wanting to sleep with her mom, and that was OK too.  It was nice having the whole bed to myself; unless of course either Evan or Ryan were having trouble going to sleep, then one of them might join me.  But since  the kids are getting older, my daughter and I decided it would be best for them to all start, and hopefully stay all night, in their own beds once school started.  Laurena is 10 now and becoming more independent.  “I don’t want Nonny to sleep with me anymore.”    Well I can’t really argue with that, as it’s good for her to have her own bed to herself.  So I started to sleep with my daughter, who has a bigger bed anyway.  

One night here recently, Ryan, who is 6, came in to Kate’s room  to climb in with Mommy; I let him have my spotand just went to his bed.  This has happened a few times, and….OK OK perhaps he should just be sent back to his own bed, but, I’m a Nonny, not a husband, so I just didn’t see the need.  He is the only one who still wakes in the night and wants to do this bed-switch anyway.  

What I’ve done when this has happened is first try to go back in with Laurena, but if she’s sprawled all over the bed, there’s just not room for me.  I kind of miss that bed, so I will sometimes sleep there anyway instead of with my daughter.  But then Laurena likes to scoot up RIGHT NEXT to me, and then I begin to get hot.   Once when this happened I went to Ryan’s bed, as he’d already made the move to his mom’s bed.  Not long after I’d settled in there, she arrives with Ryan in arms to return him.  It scared the heck out of her to find me laying there. not to mention my own surprise.  But once again, I get up…and….well I don’t remember where I ended up.

Tonight I go up after everyone else is asleep.  When I get to Kate’s room, I see Evan there.  Ah yes….it was the wolverines.  When Kate was reading with Laurena and I was dressing for bed, Evan comes in announcing that he’s scared that wolverines will come to his bedroom window and look in. Nevermind that we’re on the second floor, or that wolverines don’t live in our town, he’s afraid.  So Nonny talks him down off the ledge only to have him bring up bears.  Bears with red eyes. They too might come to look in his window.  Second floor….no bears in Hixson, TN….no matter.  At this point I go back downstairs, thinking his mommy will help him feel better.  She must have, by telling him he could sleep with her.  

Laurena is right smack in the middle of her bed.  So I guess it’s Evan’s bed for me tonight.  At least I have options.