Charlotte Bishop
Chattanooga, TN

Bio: I'm a relatively young grandmother of three, Laurena, 9, Evan, 7 and Ryan 5. I moved to TN from Lowell, MA to help my daughter with her children so she could go back to school full time. My parents are helping as well; there are four generations of us living together right now. It's an unusual thing nowadays but it's a blessed time. The kids and my daughter moved here in 2009 after living with me for 3 years. I followed in 2010. Though I knew without a doubt I was called by God to come here it has been a big adjustment for me. Though I grew up in the South, I'd been away since March 1989. I'd lived away from HOME since l977. That's a long time to be away from the tribal peoples and lands I must say. I am an early childhood special education teacher by profession and that is why I am able to even consider for a MOMENT taking 4 children to Panera at one time. Lastly, the daughter and the children are thriving, thanks to God's provision.

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